What Does The Appearance Of A Mastodon Quince Look Like?

The Mastodon Quince is as smooth as a pear. It blooms early as the peach or apple. The bloom is as large as the peach, not as deep pink in color. A bunch of light grayish-green. fuzzy leaves surrounding the pink bloom become stiff and round by the time the fruit is seta The Quince is adapted to rich warm soils, since its roots spread out near the outface. The small tree is. very ornamental and should be better known, and more extensively grown, for the fruit which is of excellent quality for marmalade and preserves.

The tree will bear a few fruits the second or third year from seeds, but a general crop is net to be-expected until the trees are older. Fruits are large golden yellow with a greenish russet, and very fragrant, a smooth skin, flesh tender, butï must be cooked to be eaten. Ripens in fall and keeps well. You should have a few of these lovely trees. They are hardy, ornamental and profitable. I like them very much. The fruit may be kept stored -all winter and used as needed. It is a grand fruit I think.

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