What Type Of Soil Do Iris Grow Well In?

Yellow iris-14Am interested in the different Iris, all those outside of German, Japanese, Siberian, and English. Would like to grow some of the others but I don’t know the culture, some take acid and some lime. Do Iris with crest like cristata, etc., take limey soil the same as German, and do all those without crest take acid soil?

The popular belief that Iris require lime is based on a very curious misconception. The truth of the matter is that they are better off without lime, they do not want it. Sulphate of lime had been recommended to control certain disease conditions and the result was grand. The recommendation was then circulated but the qualifying word sulphate was omitted, and so the lime fetish has been distributed. It is all wrong. We would be glad to have occasional notes on your experiences which would interest other Iris growers. Reports of individual’s trials and triumphs are the best possible reading for other gardeners.

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